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December 25, 2009 at 5:54 pm

A Christmas Letter From My Brother-In-Law

Hello everyone,

Merry Christmas! My wife and I are in Indiana visiting my sister, her husband and the entire family. My brother-in-law was having problems with his computer and I helped him out by fixing a couple of things. He was very appreciative for the help I had given him and wrote the following letter. Today (Christmas) I would like to share with you what my brother-in-law wrote:

“My brother-in-law worked over my computer last night – took him nearly two hours of his time. I sat next to him to learn but I confess even though he’s a good teacher, it made me progressively more nervous.

He opened programs which I didn’t know even existed, which became more and more foreign to me and uncomfortable. Randy was running programs to eliminate files “I didn’t need”. I wondered quietly -“How does he know?” I never delete anything! There was lot’s of “trash” on my hard drive. How did he know? Was it that obvious? It’s true, I admit my hard drive is full of garbage.

Then he ran another program to help me “boot up” faster. I had too many programs which automatically start up and Randy says “slow me down”. I agree that my “boot up” is slow and getting slower, but eliminating things which work automatically sounds counter intuitive to me. Anything that works automatic should be left alone! But off it came!

Next he checked for malware. I asked “what is malware”? His explanation was somewhat confusing but he used words like “spy”, “virus”, “bad”, “let destructive programs into your computer” and “destroy your motherboard”. Enough, enough! The mal was the mal of maleficient, malfunction, malinger, malignant; he was looking into my computers soul; which I saw as a reflection on me!!

Lastly, he was going to run a program which he said could take all night! It was to defragment my hard drive. It helps put things in order – “there is a lot of wasted space”. It was just as well that I went to bed, I’d rather sleep through a defragmentation I thought to myself.

Well, I know this – I’m glad it was my trusted “Tech Professor” doing the cleansing of my computer. It’s not everyone that I would want to let in to see these inner workings.

I couldn’t help but think on the day before Christmas as our family gathered that the little boy whose birth we are about to celebrate had done the same thing for me in a much more important and profound way. Through His love he cleansed my motherboard and His Holy Spirit guides me to keep it clean. There is still a threat of malware but I have His ever presence with me.

So this Christmas – the best gift besides maybe the “Tech Professor” is to let God’s Son cleanse and defragment you and make you whole again. Merry Christmas”!

Professor Randy says: Have a wonderful day! Merry Christmas!!




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