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September 2, 2011 at 7:54 pm

Computer Repair Tools That I Can’t Live Without (Part 3: Fab’s AutoBackup)

Hello everyone,

In part 1 of this series I talked about my favorite Junk File Cleaners, and in part 2 I told you about the incredible USB Drive Adapter. Today, my favorite way to backup and restore data: Fab’s AutoBackup.

If you don’t know about Fab’s AutoBackup then you are in for a real pleasant surprise. Fab’s Autobackup has literally changed my computer repair life! Let me tell you why.

Many of my clients buy a new computer and they want me to transfer all of their personal data from their old machine to the new one. At other times when a clients hard drive goes bad, I have to install a new one, format the new drive, and then reload the OS and all of the data back onto the new drive.

Still, there are times when a virus has infected a computer to the “point of no return”. The only solution is to wipe the original drive, reinstall the Windows Operating System, and then restore all personal files that were backed up before the “nuke and pave” process (clean install).

I used to have to do this manually by hooking up the original hard drive to the new machine (or to the machine with the new hard drive), and then restore the files piece by piece. But then I found Fab’s AutoBackup!

“Fab’s AutoBackup is a small portable application. It allows users to choose what to back up from their Windows system (documents, music, videos, emails, browser settings, and more) with simple check boxes and paths fields. After the format, Fab’s AutoBackup can restore all the files back to where they should be”.

Fab’s is just so great! It’s a French program and costs about $7.00 USA. It works with Windows XP, Vista, and 7. I backup my clients files to an external hard drive and then simply restore them to the new machine/drive after the operating system has been installed/reinstalled. No more manual copying and pasting files from old folder to new!! Fab’s will organize the files into the proper folders and transfer the data to it’s proper place. It’s just a great piece of software.

Professor Randy says: Fab’s AutoBackup is fabulous! If you are a computer repair tech or simply a user who wants to backup and restore precious personal data, you owe it to yourself to check out Fab’s. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed!



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  • Question
    3:32 pm on February 12th, 2012 1

    So, heres my question. If their computer has been infected and you backup their information, more specifically their settings, aren’t you potentially carrying over bad settings and infected files to their clean system? I mean obviously you would scan them first, but I want to make sure its not going to care over some malicious code or setting to the new clean system.


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