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March 29, 2011 at 9:12 pm

Do You Know About Amazon Cloud Drive And Cloud Player?

Hello everyone,

Check out the Amazon Cloud Drive And Cloud Player. This is very interesting!

“Amazon launched Cloud Drive and Cloud Player on Tuesday morning, offering US-based Amazon customers 5GB of online storage to use for whatever they please. If they buy an album from Amazon MP3, however, they get 20GB of storage for the year, and all Amazon MP3 purchases are automatically synced to the user’s Cloud Drive without counting against the quota. Users could then use the Cloud Player Android or Web app to stream the music to any compatible device or browser, even if the files themselves had not been synced there”.

Professor Randy says: Manage and play your own music: Buy your Mp3 music files from Amazon, save them to the cloud and then stream them whenever you want and wherever you are. Sounds great huh?

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