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February 26, 2010 at 8:30 am

Do You Know The Ctrl+Enter Trick?

Hello everyone,

Today a great tip comes from guest blogger Jorge R. Hernandez. Jorge is a great computer repair technician who runs 123 Computer Repair Services ( in Florida.

Since learning this cool trick, I’ve been using it every day. Thanks Jorge!

“Save Keystrokes by using Ctrl+Enter to complete URLs”

You want to open –  so you start typing http:// or www. and bing and .com

There is a much easier approach for this by using a shortcut.

On modern browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox, hitting Ctrl + Enter will automatically fill in the www. and the .com part of the URL.

Here is an example:

1)  Just type in “bing” into the address bar in your browser

2) Press Ctrl + Enter

3)  This is what you get:

4) That’s all you need, enjoy the tip!

Professor Randy says: Great tip from Jorge! The most simple tips are many times the most useful! Commit yourself to learning more useful tips and you will find yourself enjoying your computer much more!!



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