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July 23, 2010 at 12:44 pm

Fifteen Great Tech Links For Friday 7/23/2010

Hello everyone,

Each week it is my pleasure to give you links to some great tech news. I try to vary the content so that there is something interesting for everyone, but I’m sure that I link to much news that is of interest to me personally. Enjoy the reading and have a great weekend!

1) If You Use Hotmail Or Messenger You Should Read This (Your Privacy Is At Stake!)

2) iPhone 4 Free Cases, Bumper Refunds Are Here (Updated)

3) I Confess: I Bought An iPad (And So Far I Love It!)

4) Dell To Pay $100M To Settle SEC Accounting Probe

5) San Francisco’s Unluckiest Thief

6) Netflix Says Subscribers Total Jumped 42 Percent

7) Video: The Robotic Butterfly That Flies Like The Real Thing

8) Interesting Video: First Look At “Revolutionary” Social News iPad App – Flipboard

9) Microsoft’s Latest Security Essentials Is Promising (Updated)

10) Watch Out For This Nasty Zero-Day Windows Exploit

11) Less Than 1 Year Until The Internet Runs Out Of Addresses

12) Good Video: Public WiFi Safety Tips

13) How Pandora Grew To Get 60 Million Listeners

14) Great Videos: Microsoft Phone 7 Technical Preview – A Definitive Guide

15) What’s The Minimum Amount Of Internet Security That I Need?

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