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November 20, 2010 at 11:19 am

Fifteen Great Tech Links For Saturday 11/20/2010

Hello everyone,

Some of the most interesting and informative tech information of the day is just a click away! Enjoy!

1) Resistance Is Futile: Facebook Assimilates MySpace

2) $399 iPads Appearing At TJ Maxx Locations Across The Country

3) Reviewers Say Skip Google TV For Now

4) Why People Are Starting To Leave Pay TV In Increasing Numbers

5) Battle Of The Video Chat Applications: Google Chat vs Skype vs iChat

6) LinkedIn CEO On Why We Need More Than Facebook: Keg Stands!

7) Microsoft’s New Simple Yet Clever Windows 7 + Windows Live Advetisement

8) Google Improvements To Product Search For This Holiday Season

9) Path: The Social App That’s Not Viral (By Design)

10) Microsoft vs. McAfee: How Free Antivirus Outperformed Paid

11) USB Devices Responsible For 1 In 8 Malware Attacks

12) The 12 Cyber Scams Of Christmas

13) Microsoft Exec: Better Buy Kinect This Week If You Want One For The Holidays

14) 11 Uses For An Old PC

15) How Did I Get All These Viruses If I Have Anti-Virus Software?

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