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November 14, 2010 at 1:07 pm

Fifteen Great Tech Links For Sunday 11/14/2010

Hello everyone,

Enjoy the great tech information by following the links!

1) Breaking The Web’s Cookie Jar (Firefox Add-In Firesheep And Wireless Internet)

2) The Phone Call Is Dead

3) The REAL Connection Speeds For Internet Users Across The World (Charts)

4) New Eye-Popping Netflix Growth Stats

5) Wal-Mart’s Free Shipping Adds Pressure For Smaller Stores

6) Galaxy Tab: A ‘Train Wreck’ Or Credible Competitor’?

7) The Best Antivirus Software For 2011

8) Firefox 4 Beta 7 Is Nearly Complete And Much Speedier

9) Install Android 2.2.1 Froyo On iPhone Using Bootlace In Cydia (No Computer Required)

10) Why Don’t Americans Want Broadband?

11) BlackSheep – A Tool To Detect Firesheep

12) How To Mass Export All Of Your Facebook Friends’ Private Email Addresses

13) Facebook And Twitter Fail Basic Security Test

14) Get Your “GodMode” Water Bottle

15) Guest Post: Cutting Cable’s Cord

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