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November 26, 2010 at 5:33 pm

Have You Experienced WiFi Internet Radio?

Hello everyone,

I was at a clients house today and he was bemoaning the fact that because of poor reception in the area, he could only listen to one lousy, local radio station. He then told me how much his wife missed her favorite talk radio station (Chicago’s legendary WLS 890 AM).

I told him about streaming radio over the Internet and he got really happy! I told him that there are thousands of Internet radio sites out there and that  most radio stations now broadcast on the Internet, plus there are many Internet only stations (non terrestrial stations).

Then I told him that he didn’t have to lug his laptop and speakers all over the house in order to listen, he could simply buy an actual WiFi Internet Radio! These radios look just like the tabletop radios of yesteryear but are ethernet and wifi capable. By now he was really, really happy!

If you’re going to buy an Internet Radio, make sure that it is Reciva capable. Reciva is a company that creates a directory of Internet radio stations that you can browse by genre and location. You can create a list of your favorite radio stations and this list will be automatically downloaded to your WiFi Internet Radio which makes tuning into your favorite station a “snap.”

One of the problems of streaming Internet radio is choice – there’s too much of it! So a good Internet Radio that works with Reciva will allow you to create your favorite stations on the web and then download the list to your radio for easy tuning!

The two WiFi Radios that I like the most are the Livio Internet Radio and the CC WiFi Radio. These radios also support commercial ventures like and Pandora. Great stuff!!

Professor Randy says: Don’t be at the mercy of your local terrestrial radio stations! Tune in any station that you want, and be anywhere that you want with a WiFi Internet Radio!

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