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July 26, 2014 at 11:05 am

Have You Heard About The New Windows Virus “Bladabindi” ?

bladabindi virus

Hello everyone,

Please be aware of a new Windows virus that has been identified in India. According to reports it’s quite nasty and will spread.

Dubbed the “Bladabindi,” this is a multi-identity virus that has the capability to fool your firewall by adding itself to the firewall exception list and waltz right in. The malware then targets main systems, like your keyboard, webcam, your browsers and your Windows information.

Bladabindi then siphons your user IDs, passwords, computer name, serial number and country, and steals personal information with no one the wiser. It can also check for camera drivers to record and send video wherever it wants.

This malicious malware is spreading through USB drives. Bladabindi replicates itself into rootware and is disguised under a different icon by the hacker. When the victim clicks on it, it runs the Windows Explorer system as if nothing bad appears to have happened.

Bladabindi has mainly been attacking computers in India, and is currently being tracked by the Computer Emergency Response Team – India (CERT-In). CERT-In is trying to find a way to disable this nasty software, but in the meantime there are a few things you can do to protect your computer.

Scan your computer with a tough anti-virus software and a good cleaner/uninstaller program to determine if it’s even on your computer. If Bladabindi is found, it’s tough but not impossible to remove.

You should also scan and clean any USB or external drives that you use with a USB scanner/cleaner. You should also keep all of your software up to date and patched to beef up security.

As always: Do not click or follow unsolicited email attachments or ads, do not visit untrusted or sketchy sites, use tough passwords, and be vigilant about social media attacks.

Source: The Financial Express


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