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Randy The Tech Professor

August 8, 2010 at 10:18 pm

Have You Seen “Little Dog?”

Hello everyone,

YouTube celebrated it’s fifth birthday back in February of this year ( was registered as a domain name on February 14, 2005). From those humble beginnings YouTube has become a household name and now streams over 1 billion videos a day! If you would like, you can check out YouTube’s top five videos (views) of all time here.

At that time (back in February), I showed you one of my all time favorites “Big Dog”. The first time I saw “Big Dog” I couldn’t believe my eyes!! I’ve shown this to many people and they simply “flip out!”

Now comes “Little Dog”! Can you even believe this? Is this awesome or what? Can you imagine what the future holds for further developed “Big Dog” and “Little Dog” types?

Professor Randy says: Internet video (especially YouTube) has opened us up to some amazing things. Seek out great video and you will benefit by it and be amazed too!!



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