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June 27, 2010 at 8:38 pm

How I Got My Ustream Video Back

Hello everyone,

Ustream is a website which provides live video streaming content. I usually watch two broadcasts on Ustream (Podnutz Daily and The Tech Guy).

But for the last month or so I couldn’t access any Ustream live broadcasts (I also couldn’t access the great Revision3 show Tekzilla). All my other Internet video (Metacafe, Dailymotion, YouTube) were working just fine so I was quite perplexed.

For weeks I tried everything – adjust browser settings, uninstall/install latest Adobe Flash, enable JavaScript, turn off Firewall, disable Antivirus, etc. But no matter what I did, no Ustream nor Tekzilla live stream!

I searched the Internet but to no avail. Then, at the point of extreme frustration I stumbled across this post by JD Blundell and lo and behold there it was!!

This not so well known Adobe Flash Player Settings Manager:

The fix that I had been searching for is on the 2nd tab! It’s the all important key setting:

On the Global Storage Settings tab (second tab), be sure to check the box next to Allow third party Flash content to store data on your computer.

My setting box was unchecked, so I checked it, and then saved the setting. Wow! Live Ustream and Tekzilla came streaming in! Thanks JD Blundell!

Professor Randy says: You can’t do it all by yourself. Search out on the Internet what others have already discovered and allow them to help you with your need.

  • Tom Fleres
    2:29 pm on February 27th, 2011 1

    A big thank you! I am now able to view files on Ustream and Fox Business!


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