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July 16, 2014 at 11:42 am

How I Optimized My New SSD Installation

Samsung Solid State Drive

Hello everyone,

In a previous post I described how I brought an old laptop back to life by installing a new SSD. In this post I would like to describe a few optimization tweaks that I made after the SSD was installed. These four tweaks will increase the performance of any SSD, and bring you even greater satisfaction from your SSD install.

1) Disable any form of scheduled Disk Defragmentation (also never manually defrag an SSD). See here.

2) Disable “Superfetch” (go to run> services.msc)

3) Disable the Windows Search service (go to run> services.msc)

4) Enable TRIM Support (Windows Vista has no TRIM Support).

5) Some techs advocate to stop using the page file if you have enough RAM, but this does not matter to me and I didn’t do it.

Enjoy your SSD!

Best wishes,

Randy The Tech Professor


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