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March 14, 2014 at 11:07 pm

How I Removed Thirty One Malware Infections From One Laptop


Hello everyone,

I believe that computer repair techs will always be in demand. The Internet is so full of different types of malware that only a very savvy user can avoid it. Many of the attacks now are through browser hijackers, add-ons and extensions. Consider what just happened to me:

I got a call from a client who said that her laptop was “running slow”. Once I got the laptop to my shop and turned it on, I was surprised that it was even running at all. I could have held an actual clinic for anyone interested in learning how to identify and remove malware. Consider what I identified and removed (a couple of these items are not actually malware, but do slow the computer down and can be replaced with more effective programs):

RegClean Pro, XFINITY Toolbar, Windows Live Toolbar, VideoDownloadConverter Firefox Toolbar, Utility Chest Toolbar, TotalRecipe Toolbar, TelevisionFanatic Firefox Toolbar, Shop To Win, Search Protect, Recipe Hub Toolbar, PricePeep for I.E., MyPC Backup, My Web Search (Popular Screensavers), McAfee Security Scan Plus, Marine Aquarium Lite Toolbar, I Want This, Homepage by Mindspark Interactive, Google Toolbar for I.E., DesktopWeatherAlerts, Crawler Toolbar, Constant Guard Protection Suite, DiskMax 4.56, Coupon Alert, Coupon Printer for Windows, Bing Bar, Babylon Object Installer, Advanced System Protector, Adobe Reader, Norton PC Checkup, Norton Security Suite, Visual Bee.

That’s a lot of “junk” on one laptop. There were also outdated versions of Flash, Java and Shockwave Player. I replaced Adobe Reader with Sumatra PDF, reset System Restore, installed Microsoft Security Essentials, ran Defraggler, changed some Power Options, and had previously ran CCleaner, PureRa, Revo Uninstaller Junk Files Remover, and Gould CleanUp. For good measure I ran CrystalDiskInfo to check the hard drive.

When I returned the laptop the client was amazed at how well it was running and could not understand “how all of that junk got on her computer”. This lack of understanding is why I believe that computer repair techs will always be in demand.



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