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January 7, 2010 at 5:41 pm

How To Optimize Your Twitter Enjoyment

Hello everyone,

When I first heard about Twitter (, I just didn’t “get it”. Why would anyone be interested in wasting their precious time by listening to  unimaginative small talk from others such as:

1) “I just woke up”
2) “Going out for pizza now”
3) “I’m having a cup of coffee with a friend”
4) “Overslept this morning”
5) “Waiting for my flight”

I mean why should I be interested in all the little common, ordinary things that people do throughout the day?

Then over time I realized that my thoughts about Twitter were only thoughts about Twitter when used in a meaningless way or (in my opinion) a wrong way! Twitter is just a tool and if you don’t know how to use it, it’s not a useful tool at all. Sure you can follow people who post everyday, unremarkable information, but what’s exciting about that? Soon you’ll get bored to death!!

Twitter becomes incredibly valuable when you start following the “right” people (you don’t even have to ask their permission!). I’m a tech guy so by following the key people in my field – the tech “thought leaders” so to speak, I can instantly know what they think is cool, interesting and important. I can instantly access a link that they have shared and go to a great site that they have recommended. How else can I be in daily contact with the great leaders in the tech field? This is priceless!

It’s like a running stream. After I have “dipped my toe” into the running information stream that is Twitter, I can then pass on (signal) to others what I have learned from the “best of the best”. This is done quickly in a tiny 140 character microblog – a burst of information to anyone who is following me. There is no time for long discussions now, just quick hits, a fast relevant snippet of great value.

My followers post to their followers and the great Twitter stream of wonderful information continues. The best of what others post is passed on in real time. Instant information and instant feedback.

Professor Randy says: Who you follow on Twitter makes all the difference in the world – to you and to your followers!



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