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April 2, 2010 at 6:55 pm

Nine Great Tech Links For Friday 4/2/2010

Hello everyone,

Here are nine great tech links (and one great non-tech link) which will lead you to some great information. My hope is that the information will be of benefit to someone. Enjoy! Happy Easter!

1) Windows 7 Users “Very Satisfied” But Consumers Still Love XP

2) Millions Still Stupid About Spam

3) How Safe Is Cloud Computing?

4) How Do I Know What To Believe On The Internet?

5) Apples iPad Is Better Than Expected!

6) Apple Has Run Out Of iPads!

7) If You Don’t Care About Apps, The 64GB Microsoft Zune HD Is A Great Value

8) Great Video: Play Foosball (Soccer, Football) With The iPhone

9) So, Do I Need The Windows Firewall Or Not?

10) My Easter Belief: This Is Why He Came And Died

Professor Randy says: I hope you find some value in these interesting tech articles and the one non-tech article. On a personal note I wish you a happy, restful, safe and reflective Easter!



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