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January 12, 2010 at 6:39 pm

Should You Buy The iPhone Or The Droid?

Hello everyone,

Wow! Not an easy question to answer – but today I’m going to give you some quick things to think about and let YOU make the final decision. Ready? Let’s begin!

1) Applications: The iPhone at present allegedly has 100,000+ applications (many of these are not very useful). The Android Operating System presently weighs in at close to 25,000 apps. (including all of the most popular ones). Both the iPhone and Android will be about even this year as far as applications go because the number of Android apps. is growing at a rapid pace. The most important thing to consider here is quality/usefulness not just quantity.

2) Interacting System: If you are dedicated to the Google community and an avid Google product user then obviously the Google Droid will have the edge. If you are a dedicated member of the Apple environment then of course all of your Apple components will integrate perfectly with the Apple iPhone.

3) Media: In addition to making phone calls, the iPhone doubles as a great iPod and reproduces great audio/video. At the moment the Droid is good with audio/video but does not handle copyrighted (digital rights management) content nearly as well as the iPhone.

4) Accompanying Hardware: Because of it’s popularity and proprietary Apple connections, literally hundreds of hardware products/accessories from third party companies are iPhone compatible. There are so many different styles and shapes of Android devices that it is  impossible for third party products/accesssories to be compatible with all of them.

5) Features: Just to mention a few –  The Droid does not have the “pinch to zoom” feature like the iPhone and many people like this feature. The Droid has outstanding navigational capabilities that do not exist in the iPhone (even the ability to make voice queries which access the phones functions).

Professor Randy says:

1) Because of it’s beautiful design, thousands of applications and wonderful features, the Apple iPhone is still the #1 smart phone on the market. The Droid is a great phone but it and the Android Operating System are still a bit immature at this point in time.

2) If your cell phone carrier is Verizon get The Droid (don’t go to AT&T just to get the iPhone). If you’re tired of AT&T, switch to Verizon and get the Droid.

3) Since the Android Operating System (developed by Google) is open source, Android phones have more of a future than the “locked in” proprietary Apple phones. If Google suddenly decides to discontinue making Android phones, any other phone company could just as easily put the Android Operating System on their own phone (remember – open source – “no ties to bind”).

4) Because the Android Operating System is open source, developers will continue to improve their software, more great applications will appear, and the system will become more and more polished. In a very short time the Android Operating System will become the the top smart phone operating system in the world!!



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