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December 15, 2012 at 10:44 pm

Solid State Drive? The Time Is Now!

Samsung Solid State Drive

Hello everyone,

Just about three years ago I wrote this post about Solid State Drives. I told you that even though I loved Solid State Drives, I advised you not to buy an SSD until the prices dropped (in 2010 the price of an SSD was about $3 per GB).

Well, fast forward to the present and I can now tell you that the time has come to buy an SSD! They are amazing and they are now much cheaper. For example take a look at this one:

A very nice 250GB Solid State Drive for $180.00! Folks, that’s .72 cents per GB, a price drop of $2.28 per GB!! What are we waiting for?

Why SSD you may ask? Consider just a few of the following facts:

1) SSD has no mechanical moving parts (that’s why it’s so fast)

2) Super fast read/write speeds (three times as fast as an HDD)

3) The data stored on an SSD will last a very long time (theoretically over 200 years)

4) SSD will boot your computer in less than half of the time as a traditional HDD

5) SSD uses less power since there are no moving parts (you’ll get better battery life)

Professor Randy says: What else need I say? Please take a look at all of the great SSDs that are available now and “take the leap”. Now is the time to buy a Solid State Drive!

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