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May 21, 2010 at 6:38 am

Take A Walk On the Internet “Wild Side” (And Stay Totally Safe)

Hello everyone,

Do you ever have a desire or need to visit the more “dangerous” places on the Internet? You know –  places like peer-to-peer file sharing networks, BitTorrent sites, and even Internet banking sites?

These places are “dangerous” because virus authors are notorious for posting virus laden downloads on these sites which masquerade as legitimate software. The various Windows Operating Systems have been around for so long that they are easily exploited. Most malicious attacks are on Windows machines.

Today I’m going to show you how you can go to your bank or search around any P2P “pirate” sites and yet stay totally safe:

1) Go to Ubuntu and download the free Operating System (you can also order the Ubuntu DVD free of charge).

2) Burn the Ubuntu .ISO files to a DVD disc (you may want to use CDBurnerXP to do this).

3) Boot your computer from the Ubuntu DVD not from your computers hard drive (set this up in the Bios).

4) Now surf the Internet and you are no longer vulnerable to malicious attacks!

Running from a DVD is a little slow but now you’re running Linux and you’re running it on a medium that can’t be modified (unlike a hard drive) by the “bad guys”. Bad guys can’t get onto a DVD – they have nothing to attack – HOW CAN THEY MODIFY A DVD? They simply cannot!

Professor Randy says: Be smart! By using a bootable Linux Ubuntu DVD you can now take a walk on the Internet “wild side” and not be vulnerable to malicious attacks!



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