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November 13, 2009 at 3:14 pm

Ten Great Tech Products That I Recommend

bargainsHello everyone,

I love all things “tech” and I love to buy tech products! Since I have an “obsessive-compulsive” personality, I thoroughly investigate every product that I am considering always looking for the best combination of quality and price. Sometimes weeks will go by before I make my final buying decision because I cannot “pull the trigger” until I have left “no stone unturned”

We all need to buy tech products but not everybody has the time to do the proper research. Today I would like to give you ten great tech items that I recommend (there’s a little something for everyone). I don’t expect everyone to agree, but I can assure you that I have definitely “done my homework” on these products and you can buy them with total confidence. I hope these recommendations help someone!

1) Operating System (OS) : Windows 7 (Home Premium Edition). The no.1 “no brainer” for the home market segment.

2) Netbook: Samsung NC20. A little more expensive than some others but it’s a 12.1″ full sized netbook. I don’t like the “normal” netbooks because they’re too small and so “underpowered”. Can run Windows XP or Windows 7.

3) HDMI Cables: Buy them online from ( You will save literally hundreds of dollars compared to the outrageous “rip offs” that you will encounter at the big-box stores (Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, etc.). Get version 1.3a.

4) Rechargeable Batteries: Sony 2500 mAh AA Rechargeable Nimh Batteries. These AA batteries are simply superb and very inexpensive! Use them with the Sony BCG-34HRMF4 Battery Charger with LCD Display. Please don’t continue buying non-rechargeable batteries!!

5) Mini LED Flashlight: MAGLITE SP2301H 3-AA Cell. Incredibly bright beam (much more than 2AA model), great long battery life and very inexpensive!

6) Computer Tool Kit: Belkin 36-Piece Demagnatized Computer Tool Kit with Case (Black). A great basic tool kit for computer/electronic maintenance jobs – you probably won’t need anything more!

7) Stereo Multimedia Headset (music and voice) : Plantronics DSP400 Multimedia Headset. Foldable, USB connect, very good mic, great quality for the price!

8) HD Pocket Video Camera: Kodak Zi8. I reviewed this in an earlier post here ( High Defenition video AND external microphone jack!

9) Point & Shoot Digital Camera: Canon PowerShot SD780IS 12.1 MP Digital Camera. Great still photos, great HD movie shooting, HDMI output, 2.5″ widescreen, under $200. Wow!!!

10) USB Soundcard: Behringer UCA202. Great sound, USB powered, no drivers needed, many advanced features for an inexpensive price!

Professor Randy says: You can still get great tech products at great prices if you will only have the time and patience to “search them out” !!



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