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October 2, 2012 at 6:56 pm

The Future As A Computer Repair Tech

Hello everyone,

I love to repair desktop computers and if it were up to me I’d just keep on doing that. But as in everything, an evolution in computer repair is taking place and no longer can I sit home and work on a Dell Dimension 8400 PC (and expect to make a living like I did years ago).

In this day and age, to be successful as a computer repair technician I’m almost obligated to be proficient in at least four main areas of hardware  repair: 1) Desktop 2) Laptop 3) Smartphone 4) Tablet. I  have to keep up with the software side of computer repair also!

How is all this possible? Desire, Determination, Study, and a lot of Practice!! A computer repair shop in Texas (owned by a friend) has offered to send me some smartphones so that I can practice disassemble/assemble. Since the entire universe is going toward mobile computing I have no choice but to get on the “mobile repair bandwagon”.

I basically work alone here in Tennessee so in order to study and learn these repair skills, I have found some incredible video repair sites that are truly amazing. Take a look:

Laptop Repair:

Smartphone Repair:

Tablet Repair:

There are other great teaching videos available but these are three sites that I like. Find the teaching sites that “speak” to you and “go for it!”

Professor Randy says: You cannot remain “static” in your computer repair development. Current technological trends oblige us to perfect new skills or risk becoming irrelevant as techs. It’s not easy but the satisfaction rewards are great!

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  • aj
    4:01 pm on October 11th, 2012 1

    There’s a website I check everyday for bargains — Rick Broida: The Cheapskate (CNET) — and today’s headline/bargain is a new (not refurb) 15.6 inch ASUS laptop for $250 with free shipping. It’s crazy how cheap computers are getting now! I would think that for some people, it would be less expensive to buy a new one instead of fixing the broken one. Have you found the PC repair business affected by these declining prices, Randy?

  • Randy Knowles
    7:25 pm on October 14th, 2012 2

    Thanks for the comment aj and for the tip about the CNET Cheapskate bargain website. Awesome site!

    Just yesterday I got a clients desktop that needed a new motherboard (the computer was an older Dell machine). Instead of replacing the motherboard the client just bought this new computer

    In my area of Tennessee I still have good business because there are still many Windows XP machines and many people will soon be forced to upgrade to Windows 7 (most clients in my area won’t upgrade to Windows 8 – too much of a learning curve). Little by little I’m seeing more laptops than desktops, so laptop repair is a must.

    But you are right about the prices. Years ago when computers cost $1000.00 you could charge hundreds for the fix and the client would oblige. Now with the cheaper computer prices the fix can only cost so much or the client will just buy a new computer. I think that the residential desktop market still has a good five years or so before it starts to loose steam (in my area at least). In the meantime I’ll be working on phones, laptops, tablets, and the software for all of the aforementioned.

    Best wishes aj,
    Randy Knowles

  • hassan kalima
    10:17 pm on April 14th, 2013 3

    I want to learn to become an expert in computer and accessory technician

  • Jorge Martinez
    10:55 pm on December 6th, 2017 4

    This is a personal opinion. The future of tablet and phone repair soon will be a bad business. I believe that the next step for technicians is programming and networking. No matter how small or difficult to repair be a device, it will require a software and be connected to a network. I am moving to those fields.

  • Randy Knowles
    5:34 pm on December 16th, 2017 5

    Thanks for the comments Jorge,
    Good point! At the moment I have all of the laptop and desktop repairs that I can handle.
    There are also a lot of high-schoolers in the area that drop their iphones and need screen repair.
    Technicians need to be ready for the ever changing tech landscape. There is always a learning curve but
    it keeps your mind sharp and makes things interesting. Best wishes,


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