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January 10, 2010 at 9:57 pm

Use AAC Audio And H.264 Video In Windows 7

Hello everyone,

As expected, Windows 7 market share is rapidly increasing and I think that it’s the best Windows OS yet. Today I want to tell you about something new and very cool in Windows 7:

Windows 7 now supports audio format AAC “right out of the box” (natively). You don’t have to go the MP3 route anymore. AAC format is of a higher quality than MP3 and now works great in the Windows Media Player found in Windows 7 (and the Microsoft Zune as well). If you buy your music from iTunes (or from wherever) you’ll have smooth sailing!!

Windows 7 also supports the H.264 video format (again natively). H.264 is the video format of the future (if not the present). Windows XP and Vista do not support H.264 video but now Windows 7 does!!

Professor Randy says: Rip CD’s and purchase your music in AAC  format (256 Kbps). Rip your DVD’s in H.264 – they will play just fine in Windows 7 Media Player (and Windows 7 Media Center).



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