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July 1, 2010 at 9:03 pm

Watch Only The “Good Part” Of Any YouTube Video

Hello everyone,

Watching YouTube video is great but everyone knows that it’s not often that the entire video is worth watching. Today I’ll tell you how to allow someone to bypass the boring part of any video and go straight to the “good stuff”. I originally saw this tip in PCWorld.

Don’t make your viewers watch the entire video – take them to the most interesting part by doing this:

Add #t=XXmYYs to the end of the YouTube link, where XX is the number of minutes and YY is the number of seconds.

Let’s say that the “good part” of the video starts at the 5:45 mark. Just copy and paste the link into an e-mail like you normally would, then add #t=05m45s to the end of it (making sure there are no spaces between the link and the extra code).

That’s all you have to do! Now, when anyone clicks that link, they’ll jump straight to 5 minutes, 45 seconds (or whatever spot on the timeline you’ve chosen).

Professor Randy says: Don’t make your family, friends, and viewers wade through minutes of boring video! Take them right to what you want them to see with the above trick!

  • aj
    1:14 pm on January 21st, 2012 1

    I’ve had this tip bookmarked for a while now and just had the occasion to use it. It doesn’t work. At least as of Jan 2012 it doesn’t work — unless you substitute an ‘&’ for the ‘#’. So instead of #t=05m45s, it has to be &t=05m45s.

    Keep up the great work. I found you through Woody Leonhard’s AskWoody site and have been a fan ever since.


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