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December 13, 2010 at 12:53 pm

Why I Don’t Use A Smartphone

Hello everyone,

Since I love “all things tech”, you would think that I use a smartphone, but I don’t! In a previous post I talked about the phone that I use and it’s a very simple cell phone (“dumbphone”). Today I would like to further explain why I don’t use a smartphone.

I would like to think that I don’t use a smartphone because I’m smart! Consider this:

1) $200 to sign up with a carrier. You get a nice smartphone and you agree to a two year contract.

2) $40/$50 a month for the minutes package.

3) $30 or so a month for limited data. Unlimited data will cost you more!

4) $10 a month for unlimited texting. Almost everyone is texting these days.

Now, let’s add that up: $90 a month for 24 months = $2,160!

$2,160 – that is the true cost of a smartphone over two years (and these calculations are on the “low” side!).

$2,160 – Are you kidding me?!

Professor Randy says: Smartphones are beautiful, intriguing, and technologically brilliant! But for me they aren’t a “smart” choice because of their exorbitant cost. Consider your needs, the information in the above post, and make your own decision. I’ve made mine!



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