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January 19, 2010 at 10:25 pm

Windows 7: This Is The Moment!

Hello everyone,

I’ve been working on computers all week and almost everyone in my area of town is upgrading their OS to Windows 7. I really like Windows 7, all of my clients are asking about it and I’m recommending it to them without hesitation.

Windows 7 is such a great OS that it would have sold itself on merit alone – but in addition, Microsoft came out with some super pre-launch TV commercials. The commercials are not only cute (the ones with Kylie), and funny (girl in park, football coach) but relevant and quite “catchy”.

I absolutely love a song in one of the commercials. The video clip is of a young guy wearing headphones and singing. The song is by Loyale (“The Moment” featuring Allen Stone). Even though I’m a bit older I think the song is just so cool!! It just makes me happy!! Listen to it here on your computers media player: Loyale- The Moment . Is that a great song or what?

Below is the original video clip from the Windows 7 pre-launch TV commercials:

Loyale “The Moment” Windows 7 spot! from Loyale Music on Vimeo.

Professor Randy says: Enjoy! Computers are for fun too!! This is the moment!!



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